Let There Be Light

eye-of-godIn the beginning was the word, and the word was with Blog, and the word was blogged.

Boy, am I already mixing metaphors that badly? This cyberspace adventure could get me into trouble. Then again, I guess one of the overarching goals of my writing is to make trouble. As a person of faith who is in awe of the divine but who has both feet planted firmly–okay, loosely–in the physical realm, I suppose one of the major themes of all my writing is the exploration of the confusion that we all suffer when we try to reconcile our dueling experiences of the world around us and the world(s) within us.

Actually, whether it be Logos vs. Mythos, Science vs. Religion, Western Thought vs. Eastern, Protestant vs. Catholic, Jesus’ Divinity vs. His Humanity, Faith by Works vs. Personal Piety,  Jesus Fish vs. Darwin Fish vs. Flying Spaghetti Monsters… Whatever the “supposed” contradiction, I would like to make it (one of) the aim(s) of this blog to argue that “Both/And” thinking will always get it right over “Either/Or” thinking.

Welcome to Laustinspace. Enjoy the ride. Out here in the ether, may you and I find BOTH enlightenment AND confusion…


One Response to “Let There Be Light”

  1. Well-said, Austin.

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