Reports about his life are no longer exaggerated…

I recently learned that Mark Twain’s autobiography is to be published soon–for the first time.  Apparently, he stipulated that it must be released 100 years after his death.  He arranged this in order to feel completely free to write honestly about his own life.  From what I know of Twain, this doesn’t surprise me at all.  This gimmick seems to fit right in with his out-of-the-box, adventurous, sardonic attitude toward life and writing.  Unfortunately, the manuscript has long been available to scholars, so we’re unlikely to be shocked by juicy, century-old secrets.  Regardless, I think this is very cool.  What sort of details would you include in your autobiography only if you knew you and your family would be long-dead before they became public?  Feel free to share…  My own responses to that question are scheduled to be released sometime late in the 22nd century…I hope.


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