The Green Fairy

I picked up some authentic, European absinthe during my recent trip to Italy.  Often referred to as the Green Fairy (and portrayed as an actual fairy in the movie Moulin Rouge, for example) it has been a favorite aperitif of innumerable writers, celebrated and otherwise.  I understand Hemingway was fond of the drink, and of the wormwood abstract that gives it its special anise taste and hallucinogenic qualities.  With warnings on the bottle such as, “Handle with extreme caution: Do not drink neat,” I was a bit nervous but excited to try it out.

After having had a glass of it now and then, I must say, I don’t know how anyone could have written better while juiced up on this stuff.  It’s not quite the same as alcohol (it makes me feel light, not heavy), but it certainly doesn’t lend me any extra additional concentration or creativity.  It just kind of makes me distractable and ready for bed.

I don’t know how anyone gets any writing done when they’ve been drinking, much less quality writing.  Sorry Capote, Hemingway, Faulkner, King, and the rest of you titans; I’m just not there yet…and I don’t have any plans to move in that direction, either.


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