‘The Islands at the End of the World’ book cover reveal!

I’m excited to reveal the draft book cover for “The Islands at the End of the World” today! We’re still working on a few tweaks, such as finalizing the tag line (the final draft may not have a tag line at all, or it may be replaced with an author blurb), but it’s thrilling to finally be able to share my excitement with the world. Watching my book come to life with an actual cover has been one of the most thrilling aspects of the publishing process. It helps that this eye-catching cover design by Random House’s Alison Impey is completely amazing and awesome! A good cover is extremely important to a book’s success, and I believe this cover will play well on bookshelves everywhere.

But that’s just my opinion. Please, share with me what you think…



6 Responses to “‘The Islands at the End of the World’ book cover reveal!”

  1. Karen Walters Says:

    Awesome cover!

  2. What a fantastic, exciting cover! Congratulations!

  3. This is STUNNING!! Wowsers!!

  4. […] Talking book cover ideas with my book designer, Alison Impey. I can never express to her how impressed I am with the design that she came up with! […]

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