11/22/6311/22/63 by Stephen King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So, I guess this is the 21st century Stephen King: long-winded by half, but clever as ever and still at the very top of his game. You. Can’t. Help. But. Keep. Reading. This. Novel. But by God, what is _wrong_ with his editor? This book should be _at least_ 300 pages shorter. I don’t think it would miss a single beat if it got axed by at least that much. Maybe more. 400? 500? And I don’t think I’m just a bitter author whose editor is always demanding further cuts–I think King is honestly a victim of his own success. These books are TOO LONG! We need to do an intervention. With King. With his publishers. #TOOLONG!!!!

That said, I appreciate the genius of this magnum opus and would recommend it to anyone. Push comes to shove, hell if I know precisely what I’d cut. Truly, my complaints about length are VALID, but this book is worth gobbling up nonetheless. I mean it. Sometimes we suffer through minor inconveniences for great thrills, don’t we? 40 minute wait to ride Splash Mountain? This book is a better trade off than that. By far.

King’s not a big time-travel buff. Maybe here and there with the Dark Tower series. I’m sure he’s tackled it before. But I’m so glad he dived head first into it here. He doesn’t only take us back to the late 1950’s and early 1960s with a fully-submersible sensory overload of potent sights, smells, sounds, dialects, and mannerisms that would make Michael J. Fox and Robert Zemekis green with envy, he does it with a time-travel mechanism that’s utterly unique to my experience, well thought-out, clever, internally sound, and soooo cool! And JFK. Folks, we’re here to undue the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I can think of a few authors who could approach this daunting topic with respectability, but is there anyone in the universe who could do it with as much pizzazz and Stephen King? Really? Is there?

Well researched, well imagined, and waaaay too intriguing for your mortal mind to resist, this is a must read, even in spite of the fact that you must read three-to-four hundred too many pages in order to get to the end.

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One Response to “11/22/63”

  1. Tammy Sparks Says:

    I think I have to disagree. King certainly has written more than one door stopper that I felt went on way too long (Under The Dome, anyone?) but I loved every word in this book and it just didn’t FEEL long to me. It’s hard to complain about the word count when you can’t stop turning pages.

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