Thanks owed to Dr. Daniel C. Dennett

The first edition of ISLANDS isn’t even out yet (T-minus fourteen days but who’s counting!) but I’m excited to announce that a slight change has been submitted to my editor for the next edition. I’ll be adding Dr. Daniel C. Dennett’s name to the acknowledgements. I wasn’t able to track him down before the book went into lock-down mode while it was in the queue for printing, but a concerted effort recently finally resulted in success. One of my favorite passages in the book was partly inspired by an essay I once remember having read online, an essay that expressed wonder about an aspect of sea turtle evolution. I channeled that memory of the short essay into my story when it was still just a fun writing project I had going on the side of my Masters degree studies. I had no memory or recollection of who wrote the essay (in fact, I’m pretty sure I had seen it in a second- or third-generation reposting somewhere on the Web) but I was finally able to track it down. Since then, Dr. Dennett and I have corresponded briefly and he’s pleased to learn of my plans for attribution.

What scene am I talking about? You’ll just have to read the book! Or if you’re the type that thrives on spoilers, you can find further reference to it on Sara Mae’s wonderful book review on her science blog, here.


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