“Shave ice” vs “Ice shave”

You probably know them as “snow cones.” But on the Hawaiian Islands, the name is “shave ice.” …Unless you live in Hilo. Then this favorite island treat gets a whole new treatment. I have no idea why, but only in and around Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii is the syrupy cold burst of color and sugar referred to as the “ICE SHAVE!”

I bring this up because I’ve already had a conversation about it with an island reader, who figured that I hadn’t done my research or that I was off my island rocker. I’m sure there will be other critics, too. So, let this be the official blog post to put the confusion to rest!

Please enjoy the below conversation I had with an island reader via Goodreads. I’ve taken a screen shot of the whole thread for your convenience, but you can also follow the link to it here.

ice shave


4 Responses to ““Shave ice” vs “Ice shave””

  1. Kathleen Smith Says:

    I live in Napa, Calif. And when I was in the middle of ‘ The Islands at the End of the World’ (loving it because I was born in Oahu in 1942) and am still a YA. we had a 6.0+ earthquake and I was still in your wonderful book so I was in Hawaii during those 45 seconds that seemed like hours. Mahalo for the encouragement to go home to Hawaii one more time…When is your next novel ‘ Girl at the center of the Earth?’

  2. yes I want to be notified when replies are left

  3. Austin Aslan Says:

    Hi, Kathleen! Thanks for your interest in the book! The sequel comes out in August of 2015. Sorry you had to go through an earthquake, but I’m glad it was a thrilling, light-hearted moment for you!

  4. Any ARC’s before then. I ask because I am a reviewer…Love the discussion re: Shave Ice…..
    Also the earthquake was far from a light hearted moment, but it sure fit in with what was going on in the Novel…..Mahalo for great writing.

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