Gearing up to thru-hike the 800 mile-long Arizona Trail

I have an announcement. Starting the first weekend of October, I will begin thru-hiking the entire Arizona Trail, north to south, from Utah to Mexico. It’s an 800 mile (exactly) hike. Should take between 6 to 8 weeks. I’ll be going solo but not alone. My wife is offering up incredible time and support as my stocker (haha) and overall hike manager. I’ll be posting the adventure, mostly via pics, as often as reception allows, on most of my platforms. (Probably not here so often, but be sure to follow me on Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook!) This hike will take me through the Grand Canyon, up the heights of Mt Humphry’s (13.5k ft elev), down the Mogollon Rim, through the Superstitions, up and over many other mountain ranges, and through a great swath of the Sonoran Desert. Should be a grand and sometimes nerve-racking adventure. Stay tuned for many more posts as I gear up and strike out on the trail!



One Response to “Gearing up to thru-hike the 800 mile-long Arizona Trail”

  1. […] early, on Sunday afternoon, as I’m taking off at that point for my epic two-month, 800-mile Arizona Trail thru hike. Please learn more on this blog link and be sure to follow me on twitter, tumblr, instagram and […]

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