A Trump-era data point for your consideration

I want to relate to you a true story that my eleven-year-old daughter, Ariel, experienced this past Wednesday, January 18, 2017, on her Flagstaff bus ride home from middle school. I hope it’ll generate support and awareness from all stripes; my daughter will be looking on.
She took her assigned seat in front of a high school guy who’s proven himself to be crass and obnoxious time and again. Two Navajo middle school girls boarded the bus, and the older boy behind Ariel called out loudly for all to hear, “Get off of here, this is a white bus!” Then he turned to his laughing friends and said–and this is dead true: “Are y’all ready for Trump’s inauguration?” Ariel says that she was clenching her fists and in shock the whole way home, but didn’t know what else to do. She said they joked about the bus being for “white people only” much of the ride.
This is clearly and incontrovertibly a data point that echoes a growing narrative to suggest that Donald Trump is re-normalizing overt racism in our very neighborhoods. This is really happening, folks. Poo-pooing it as Thin-Skinnery is an act of complicity. But I trust my broad social network to show solidarity, here; I really do. What are your thoughts/reactions? And keep it real; no trolling, please.

3 Responses to “A Trump-era data point for your consideration”

  1. I hear you on this. As I was discussing slavery with my students in class on Friday (as it pertains to our novel), some of the boys were laughing, which gave us a good segue into talking about overt and covert racism in the community. And I swear to God, one of the ringleaders of the laughing/joking leaned over and loudly whispered to a friend, “Oh yeah, it’s the inauguration today. Can’t wait to Trump to set things like this right, then these black people will really have a reason to be scared,” and started laughing again. As a teacher, I can call him out on this immediately and give consequences. Also as a teacher, and a citizen, I am very scared for our children.

  2. Also, can I say thank you for using your voice to speak out for things like this. We need strong allies in the fights that are here and will only grow over the next 4 years.

  3. Austin Aslan Says:

    Thanks for sharing in this dialogue. Turns our our bus system records video/audio of all rides. The district has been made aware of the date and time of the incident and we’re hopeful they’ll respond appropriately.

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