The Girl at the Center of the World

The Girl at the Center of the WorldThree months have passed since the Emerald Orchid mysteriously arrived in orbit above the Earth, destroying electronics globally and thrusting the world into a Dark Age. Residents of the forgotten Hawaiian Islands struggle for survival. Leilani Milton is an epileptic 16-year-old who alone has discovered an avenue of communication with the Orchid and knows why it remains above the Earth. As suffering and chaos on the Big Island of Hawaii mounts, Lei must find a way to safely release the Orchid from Earth’s atmosphere–now. Just as she stumbles upon a promising plan, she learns that a stranger with dark goals is attempting to control the Emerald Orchid. And the Sheriff of Hana is prepared to sacrifice everyone Leilani loves to wrest control of the Orchid for himself.

An exciting and satisfying sequel that continues the thrilling ideas and adventure of The Islands at the End of the World

Native Hawaiian mythology and history is beautifully intertwined in the story.

An eco-thriller by an expert: great choice for dystopian fans who want a new spin. The author has a masters in tropical conservation biology from the University of Hawaii-Hilo.

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